Slimline Bottle Tag (8.2MHz, White)

Provent Technology

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Bottle tag for RF 8.2MHz Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft systems to prevent shoplifting at retailers of wine, spirits and other alcohol products

The Slimline Bottle Tag fits tight around the bottle neck to offer a strong deterrent against theft. This Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) bottle tag is very versatile and works with almost all bottles to prevent shoplifting.  It is easily removed with one hand at the point of sale with a quick tap on the Designer Super Detacher making it a low labor device. The Slimline Bottle Tag is also a strong visual deterrent to would be thieves and if someone tries to exit with it attached to a bottle it's detection range is at the top of the industry.

Requires Designer Super Detacher for removal from bottle.


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