Lanyard With Pin End (8", Black)

Provent Technology

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This lanyard is a durable 8 inch lanyard made with a loop end and a pin end. It comes in Black.

Lanyards are used to secure Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft tags to merchandise that is otherwise difficult to tag, such as sandals, handbags and heavy clothing. The lanyards are looped through the sandal strap or the handbag handle and then fastened to the EAS Hard Tag.

Lanyards come with a loop on one end and a pin end on the other end. The pin end lanyard is used where the pin end of the lanyard is passed around the merchandise, through the end loop and then fastened to the EAS Hard Tag by inserting the pin end where an EAS pin would normally be inserted.

Requires EAS Hard Tag. Black. Works with Mini rectangular Tags and Designer Tamper Resistant Tags. 

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