Flashgate Clarity EAS System - Starter Package

Provent Technology

Sale price $1,895.00 Regular price $2,529.00

The Flashgate Clarity Starter package gives a retail store everything they need to enter into the ownership of a state-of-the-art Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. The package includes market-leading Flashgate Clarity EAS system as well as an assortment of the most popular tags and labels.  The Flashgate Clarity Starter package includes the following:

1          Flashgate Clarity EAS system 8.2MHz version

500      Mini Rectangular Tags - Black, 8.2MHz

500      Flathead Grooved 16mm Pins

1          Super Designer Detacher

1000    40x40mm Barcode Labels 8.2MHz

1          Label Deactivator Pad



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