Ink Tag Clear (non-alarming)

Provent Technology

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Another view of Clear Ink Security tags for anti-theft prevention of shoplifting in retail stores showing pin on the back side

This tag provides a strong visual deterrent for would be thieves. Small, lightweight and durable, the reusable, non-alarming Clear Ink Tag features visible ink vials which deliver a universal warning. The tag relies exclusively on its visual deterrent capability to prevent shoplifting and will not set off an alarm at any Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or anti-theft antenna

Requires Clutch to secure to merchandise. Removed with Standard Detacher

The Clear Ink Tag can be turned into an alarming tag by combining it with an alarming anti-theft EAS tag such as the Mini Rectangular tag. The Mini Rectangular tag would replace the clutch to attach the Clear Ink Tag to the item.

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