Cashier Protection Barrier, Sneeze Guard and Covid-19 Clear Customer Separation - 36" with 24" Wing Model

Provent Technology

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The INEO Cashier Protection Barrier product provides a protective workspace for the cashier while still allowing interaction with a product, credit cards, and cash. The product is made so that it is super easy to attach and it's adjustable up and down to fit almost any counter. It ships with both 90 degree and 135 Degree brackets for the outer wings to fit in various checkout formats. The brackets are made from 10AWG Stainless Steel and are predrilled to be either bolted or lag screwed into the counter. Install time should be no more than 15-20 min.

Front Face Width Barrier Height Lower Opening (adj.) Wing Length Wing Angle1 Mounting2
36" 24" 8" - 18" 24" 90/135 deg Countertop / Front Face / Conveyor


The wing angle is factory selectable at either 90 or 135 degrees as viewed from the cashier

A countertop mount is recommended for liquor and convenience stores. Front face/Conveyor mounts are recommended for retailers with conveyor belts with a scanner-bed/weigh scale in the middle.

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