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Rectangular Mini 8.2MHz WITH Ink

Provent Technology

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The RF 8.2MHz Rectangular Mini WITH Ink is an advanced version of our best selling, versatile, all purpose Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security tag. This tag gives retailers the best of both worlds - solid detection capability with the EAS system at the front entrance and the benefit denial capabilities of an ink tag. This combination is sure to make potential thieves think twice about stealing from your store. 

The tag incorporates the same small form factor (45mm long) with the ink caplets built into the back of the tag. The ink caplets are visible from the front via holes designed in the tag to showcase the ink capabilities. The simple design makes attaching it to items smooth and easy while also securing items without interfering with the shopper experience, merchandising or brand promotion.

Requires Flathead 16mm or 19mm pin

Utilizes either the Standard Detacher or the Super Designer Detacher for removal from items.

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