RF (8.2MHz) Tags and Labels

Designer Tamper Resistant Micro Tag (8.2MHz, 45mm, Black)

Provent Technology

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The Designer Tamper Resistant Micro Tag is one of our best selling products to prevent shoplifting. This tag is designed for 8.2MHz RF systems, measures 45mm in diameter and comes in Black. The Designer Tamper Resistant Micro Tag is also sometimes referred to as a "Golf tag" or "Clam Shell tag" due to it's unique design. It combines great detection capability with a visually appealing design. It looks elegant and modern while at the same time being one of the hardest tags for would be thieves to try to defeat. The clam shell type design means there is no opening to try to cut the tag off or to even pry open. We highly recommend this tag for all types of clothing and soft merchandise.

Requires Provent Super Designer Detacher for removal.

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