RF (8.2MHz) Tags and Labels

The RF 8.2 MHz frequency is one of the most popular Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) frequencies used in the retail anti-theft industry to prevent shoplifting. With this frequency being so popular, there is a great choice of tag and label types as well as designs to choose from. Most security tags and labels work fairly similar to each other in terms of detection performance by the security antenna located at the doors. The retailer can make their decision based on their choice of aesthetics, personal preference or price.

Removal of hard tags is done via a counter top detacher which releases the lock in the tag and allows it to be pulled apart easily and ready for reuse. Deactivation of labels is via a detuner label, which blocks the label by scattering the signal or a counter top deactivation unit which renders the label inactive by partially destroying the capacitor in the label via an electromagnetic field.

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