AM (58KHz) Tags and Labels

Pencil Super Tag (AM 58KHz, Gray)

Provent Technology

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Grey or Gray Super Pencil shaped AM 58KHz, Electronic article surveillance (EAS) anti-theft tags used by retailers to prevent shoplifting and provide security of merchandise in their stores

The Pencil Super anti-theft tag is the largest of the AM 58KHz Pencil tags and it works well protecting normal to heavy materials. It is not recommended for delicate materials. Featuring a modern, defeat resistant design and easy application/removal at the point-of-sale, this Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag is ideal for protecting a wide variety of merchandise to prevent shoplifting

Requires Flathead 16mm or 19mm pin (16mm is standard pin length,19mm used for thicker materials)

 Utilizes either the Standard Detacher or the Super Designer Detacher for removal from items.

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