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Kyle Hall

I saw this message posted online the other day and it was one that has been asked of us here at Provent many, many times. The question was “I passed through a shop's Electronic Article Surveillance and it rang without me taking an item from the store. How was it possible?” This is an often asked question for those in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) business or more commonly known as anti-shoplifting industry. You walk into a store (or walk out), you have no articles from the store in your possession and their anti-shoplifting alarms go off. You pause and...

EAS versus the Evil Eye of the Shopkeeper

Amit Pannu

Guest Post for Provent Technologies by technologist Mel Brandys - EAS versus the Evil Eye of the Shopkeeper Just as my children don't know what a rotary phone is, they accept a world that constantly beeps at them. They have been conditioned to the beep, starting with those lovely baby gifts that squeak and beep, to cell phones, school buzzers, alarms, you name it – it beeps these days.  When did it start? Certainly alerting others has been around since the beginning of animal kind, whether it's a dog barking or alarm beeping.  And now it's just expected everywhere we...